Children's Ministry

  • Children’s Church Ministry is a vital necessity in educating the young in the ways of the Lord. 
  •  It is designed to instill within the child values that are meaningful than our present society offers.  It gives the opportunity to demonstrate and live by example that Jesus loves us just as we are………that God cared enough to send his Son to die for us…. that Jesus is a true friend……. 
  • Teach the content of the Bible – its major events, and characters 
  • To encourage learning and memorization of scriptures 
  • To teach the young they can live a holy life before God 
  • Teach the basic principles of worship, prayer, singing, and giving 
  • To provide an opportunity for each child to develop his own talents in service for God through–art, singing, musical instruments or drama or whatever their talent may be 
  • To provide an outlet for children to be of service to God even outside the walls of the church 
  • To assist with the educational needs of each child “No child will be left behind” offering assistance in homework, tutoring or whatever the need
Come Join Us………
We meet every Sunday Morning @ 11:30am. 
For ages 1 to 12 years……